Home Team must make arrangements if game
will be at a different time with visiting team and CAYFL board.

Week 1 SEPT 12TH 

HOME            AWAY

Cougars vs Elite 

Chiefs vs Wildcats  

Falcons vs Broncos

Redskins vs Trojans


 Week 4  OCT 3rd

HOME            AWAY

Trojans vs Falcons  

 Elite vs Redskins 

  Wildcats vs Cougars

Broncos vs  chiefs



Elite vs Chargers

 Week 2  SEPT 19TH

HOME            AWAY

Cougars  vs Trojan   

Chiefs vs Elite  

Falcons vs Wildcats

Redskins vs Broncos


Week 5 OCT 5TH

HOME            AWAY

Cougar vs Falcons 

Chiefs vs Redskins 

Wildcats vs Broncos

Trojans vs Elite



 Week 3 SEPT  26th

HOME            AWAY

Elite vs  Falcons

Broncos vs Cougars

Wildcats vs Redskins 

Trojans vs Chiefs


 Week 6 OCT 17TH

HOME            AWAY

 Falcons vs Chiefs 

Elite vs Wildcats

Broncos vs Trojans

Redskins vs Cougars


2020 Playoffs

1st ROUND (Playoffs)

October  31st  2020


November 7th 2020


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Jamboree Game, Cheer Competition and Playoffs are CAYFL hosted events.

The entrance fee for these events will be different from regular games.

Please check EVENTS tab for details on CAYFL hosted games. 


* Means its a Divisional Game

Every week, Midget's game will start at 3 PM unless schedule says other wise.

Home team is responsible for working gates and rules of their fields. Admission is TYPICALLY

$5.00 for KIDS and ADULTS. Babies/Toddlers (3 and under) are free of charge. 

All fields DO NOT allow smoking, alcoholic beverages, cursing or bad sportsmanship at thier facilities.

No outside coolers, drinks, food or large bags allowed! Only certified coaches allowed on side line

during game (maximum of 4 total)!