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Week 7 Final Scores
Wildcats at Hornets

Midgets 12-0 Hornets

Crickets 30-0 Hornets

Termites 52-0 Hornets

Peewees 42-40 OT Hornets

Chargers at Elite

Midgets 24-0 Elite

Crickets 0-0 Elite 

Termites 38-0 Elite

Peewees 13-12 Chargers

Seminoles at Blue Devils

Midgets Seminoles

Crickets Blue Devils

Termites Seminoles

Peewees Seminoles

Ducks at Colts

Midgets  27-6 Ducks

Crickets 26-12 Colts

Termites 26-0 Colts

Peewees  33-14 Colts

* Denotes Divisional Game
Falcons at Saints

Midgets 0-0 Falcons

Crickets 40-0 Falcons

Termites  26-0 Falcons

Peewees 0-0 Falcons

**Website/Scores are updated weekly by Ryan Davenport per CAYFL reporting**

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